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This is the best I've felt in my life. The doctor said everything looked fantastic on my endoscopy, even for someone without EoE. My schatzkis ring is non existent, I'm not having dysphagia, and I woke up for the first few times this past week with no GI problems. Things are really looking up and I can't thank Dana enough for all the help she has given me. Feeling better has helped me do better in school, lower my anxiety and depression, and overall increase my mood.                                                                                  

- Alex, 29 year old male



I was getting terrible stomach aches, and I had gone to many different specialists to try to figure out what was wrong with no luck. Finally, a friend recommended Dana to me. She was incredibly caring and knowledgeable. She listened to me and was able to direct me to a solution that actually worked, checking in and providing guidance the whole way. I felt better almost immediately and the results have been long-lasting. 

- Jennifer, college student



My 97-year old mother moved to Tucson to live with my husband and me. She has always had trouble with her digestive system, and this became apparent after a few weeks. I finally decided I needed the help of a dietitian. The problems cleared up within a week and I am so relieved I now know what foods to serve her.  . . . In recent years, my blood sugar was getting higher despite trying to control my carbohydrate intake. Dana made some good suggestions which made it much simpler for me to manage my meals and snacks. I feel in much better control about what and when to eat, and really appreciate the understanding of foods she gave me!                                          

 - Christine, retired



With three major diseases, all with conflicting food challenges, I was looking for a miracle and I found one. Dana educated me about my body and how my food interacts with it. I have lost 20 pounds and all my levels have normalized. I found that she is much more knowledgeable than the other dietitians I have seen. 

- Harriette, retired



Prior to meeting with Dana I was suffering from terrible digestive issues that were causing a lot of gas and bloating. I got incredibly stressed out trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't eat. I saw two gastroenterologists who weren't really helpful. Then I met with Dana who was able to help me control my issues and understand what was causing them. She's also very practical, which in my opinion is the best thing about working with her. 

 - Male grad student

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